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Support our initiative!

Dear friends,

If you like music from the Baroque period, if you have listened to performances of the participants in the Festival, if you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to share, if you wish to see and hear some particular artists/ensembles performing on stage in Sofia and you want to tell us, or if you just want to share some thoughts, please, don't hesitate to write!

Income from the sale of tickets covers a mere fraction of the cost of producing Sofia Baroque Arts Festival concerts and events. Your tax-deductible contribution would allow us to present the world's leading musicians at affordable prices. Donor benefits include priority seating, discounts on concert tickets, first notice of all activities, and the joy of knowing that you will be able to hear extraordinary performances of this exquisite music for years to come. Help us continue to bring you the high quality performances you cherish!

A list of people that are friends and supporters of the Festival will be published on this page. If you would like to be one - contact us by e-mail: