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Mrs. Zorka Parvanova - patron of the festival

Sofia Festival of Baroque Arts is held under the patronage of Mrs. Zorka Parvanova, First Lady of the Republic of Bulgaria.


"Since early ages our country has approved itself as a meeting point of the East and West, the North and South, acting as a bridge between different nations, cultures, religions. Looked from a historic perspective, the invaluable artifacts created in the lands of Bulgaria have given a unique contribution in constructing the basic pillars of the European civilisation.

In their cultural communication Bulgarians have always aimed at exploring and comprehension of the creative achievements of other nations. As a member of the European Union family, our country has opened even widely its doors towards the spiritual and intellectual areas of the "Old Continent".

The establishment of the Sofia Festival of Baroque Arts is a creditable undertaking. Presentation of what's "Baroque" in different arts - music, dance, fine arts, architecture, literature and other fields of human activities and crafts like liuthery, clothing, coiffure gives us the opportunity to fully experience the Baroque culture. Baroque masterpieces are a perfect example of the fact that the fine pieces of art are immortal when acknowledged in time. Experiencing Baroque culture is an exciting step in the vast fields of culture.

I believe this event would successfully fulfill the needs of the Bulgarian society and it would be especially wanted by the young people, because great art keeps the spiritual temperature of our life.

I wish you good luck in your initiative!"

Zorka Parvanova